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What are sponsorships?  Sponsorships help our special needs or senior kitties get adopted!  We offer sponsorships in any amount for those kitties that may need a bit of help.  A potential adopter still has to fill out our pretty long application and ever knows how much our sponsorships are worth.  Sponsorships can also help us get critical care that these kinds of kitties need.  What might they need?  Here are some of the things

  • Senior cats in particular need blood tests every couple of years to make sure things like kidney disease or diabetes aren't issues.
  • Some of our special needs kitties or seniors need special diets which may be expensive.
  • Critical veterinary care such as X-Rays, oxygen tents, medication above and beyond what we normally provide.

Sponsorships can be given in any amount.  You can use our paypal link to send in a sponsorship amount.  Please let us know in the comments what animal it is for.  It is as easy as that!






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