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Last Updated:
5/19/2024 11:40 PM

Adoption events are on Saturdays from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at Petco in Fairfield (1320 Gateway Blvd. Ste M-3) and Novato (208 Vintage Way K1 & K2).  

Cats & kittens are usually ready to go home the same day* and will be:

  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Flea treated
  • Treated for internal parasites
  • FVRCP vaccinated (age appropriate)
  • FeLV/FIV tested
  • Microchipped
  • Nails trimmed. (This is a life time benefit-we will do these anytime for adoptees)

Due to an increase in medical expenses, we have needed to raise our adoption fee starting 07/01/23.

Adoption Fees: Kittens are $200 or you can adopt a pair for $350 or you can even adopt three for $500.  Adult cats are $160 or you can adopt a pair for $280. (pricing effective July 1, 2023)

Adoptive families will be provided with an animal history of all medical procedures and treatments.

Adoption events are often very busy.  Please allow about an hour to select your kitten and complete the adoption process.  There is a application as well as a couple of other items you will need to fill out.  

* Sometimes the kitty may be waiting for spay/neuter and will be ready to go home with you after their surgery.

Please bring:

  • A carrier as we do not allow our kitties to go home without one. Cardboard ones are available form Petco for approximately $15.
  • Identification 
  • If you rent, please bring your rental agreement and/or phone and address of your landlord or apartment manager.

We accept credit cards, cash, or check for adoption fees.  We are not part of Petco so payment for adoptions is separate from any purchase of supplies you may make from Petco . 

*Please note, payments made via credit card or Paypal will incur an additional processing fee of $6.

Adoption Fees: Kittens are $200 or you can adopt a pair for $350 or you can even adopt three for $500.  Adult cats are $160 or you can adopt a pair for $280.

Email us at catinfo@catalesrescue.org with questions or come see us in person at Fairfield and Novato Petco on Saturdays.


The Exuberant Joys of Children and Kittens: Tips for Success

The truth is kittens and children are both adorable. I could sit in front my computer for hours watching videos of curious tiny felines and bouncing happy toddlers but the question is can these two peacefully exist under one roof? With patience, dedication and understanding I wholeheartedly feel that both adorable little creatures can successfully share the same living space. Our family personally adopted a young kitten when my son was a small toddler. Now at age nine for my son and seven for my cat, these guys are the very best of friends. You can usually find our cat, Tucker, sprawled out my sons bed at night or sitting next to him while he does school work at the kitchen table. It’s natural and easy and these two could not be separated if I tried. Was it always this beautiful? Absolutely not! I remember many times having to ask my young toddler to leave the kitties tail alone or to stop feeding the cat his cheerios. I even remember a certain disgusting instance when my two year old thought the litterbox was a small sand box and the smelly clumps were Tuckers way of making a poop castle. With patience, dedication and a lot of empathy we were able to persevere through the rough times and truly enjoy our relationship with our cat. 

Here are some excellent articles to read when considering if a kitten is right for a home with children:






  Remember to always meet the cat where they are at. Happy purring!