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Last Updated:
7/20/2024 12:49 PM

Self Foster Program for Cat Tales

Do you a kitty you need to find a home for or have you found kittens in your back yard? Cat Tales can help!

When our volunteer foster network is full and we cannot accept new animals, we can still help you, if you are willing to foster the kitties in need until they are adopted. This is our "self foster" program.

You provide a safe, loving home and we'll provide all the required medical and adoption services needed.

How the program works

Application: Start the process by filling out the Self Foster Application

Deposit: Deposits are required when kittens are not spayed or neutered yet. Deposits are not required for adult cats who have been spayed/neutered.

Deposits are $50 per kitten. Our preference is to receive the deposit in a check so we can simply hold it until the kittens are adopted. When a majority of your kittens are adopted, Cat Tales will return the check to you. *$50 fee waived for 2024.

What's provided:

  • Free advice on how to raise and care for your kittens
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Veterinary services (at our discretion)
  • FeLV testing
  • Microchipping
  • Flea prevention (first treatment only)
  • Dewormer
  • FVRCP vaccinations, age appropriate

Self fosters are asked to take pictures to be used on social media and adoption sites such as Petfinder and Adopt a Pet. Sometimes your kitty is adopted even before they get to adoptions due to good pictures and bios.

Attendance at our adoption events is highly recommended. Being able to tell potential adopters about your kitties can help expedite finding their forever home.

Adoptions are at Petco in Fairfield on Sundays and at Petco in Novato on Saturdays. All you need to bring are your kitties and a blanket for the crate they will be in.


You must be committed to this process and see it all the way through.  You can not "give away" your kittens while in this program. If you have someone who is wanting to adopt one, they must go through our adoption process.

If you do not follow the program, we will bill you for the adoption fee as we need to get reimbursed for the services we provided. 

You are responsible for getting your foster kitties to one of our volunteers to be dewormed and vaccinated when they are due.  You are responsible for getting them to and from their spay/neuter and testing appointment.  If you need help, you will need to make arrangements beforehand.  You will need to bring them to at least one adoption event per month.  The better the pictures and better the bios is what can help them get adopted quicker.